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Sunday, December 21, 2008

How I Testify

Brick TestamentWe're having a bit of a blizzard here, so Church got snowed out today. And a glorious Shabbat to you, too.

Perhaps I shall compensate for the lack of fellowship and community worship by studying my favorite translation of the scriptures: The Brick Testament, a Lego-ized pictorial representation of Biblical stories. Sometimes serious, sometimes satirical, it's difficult to discern what motivates the maker of this site. But it's all good fun.

In the spirit of the holidays, and demonstrating that a picture actually is worth a thousand words, I present the Brick Testament version of "The Birth of Jesus":
Birth of Christ

To be ecumenical, I should probably also give kudos to Assembling the Temple and Brick of Mormon, two other efforts to bring scriptural stories to life -- or, at least, to Legos.

Play on.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

How I 學習中文

MDBGI'm teaching a Chinese class to the kiddies in my daughter's homeschooling co-op next quarter. But my fluency ain't what it used to be. To bone up on my 中文 vocabulary I've been playing with the MDBG Chinese-English dictionary. It's fascinating. Enter a word in English, if you wish, or in Pinyin, or even in characters, and get a list of every permutation of that word.

Click the icons to hear pronunciation, read etymological details, and even watch the character being drawn in a Flash demonstration.

Fēi cháng hǎo!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

How I Fly Like a (Geeky) Eagle

Google EarthStill doing way too much research, and way too little writing, on my new novel. Google Earth is proving invaluable (or distracting. I'm not sure which). Where before I might have driven (or flown) to the place I was researching, now I can pretty much Google Earth it and get at least a sense of what a particular street corner might look like, or whether an area of the town I'm describing is rural or suburban.

Oh, and whether my daughter was out playing in the neighborhood when she was supposed to be home with her older brother, practicing the piano.  She goes on record as the first child in history to get in trouble because of Google Earth Street View.