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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

How I Track the Patently Funny

Wacky Patent of the Month
Wacky Patent of the Month

I once knew a fellow who claimed to have invented an automobile engine that could operate without fuel.

"Yeah? What happened?" I'd ask.

"Well the government didn't want me to be successful, so they..."

From there, the story would always get a bit fuzzy. Darned Patent and Trademark Office, always putting the kibosh on clever ideas.

I wish I'd known, then, about Wacky Patents, the site that proves once and for all that "the gummit" will let you you patent just about anything. Every month, for years now, Wacky Patents has featured such cunning ideas as this month's "Anti Eating Mask," a muzzle for fat people. Or the Animated Amusement Device featured in March of 2002, that had a swastika on an axle designed, apparently, to inflict pain on the nether parts of Nazis.

Did the government rob you of a great idea? Tell me all about it. I guarantee I won't tell a soul. Just click the Comments link below, and share.

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