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Thursday, July 3, 2008

How I Get Clipped

Free Clip ArtSometimes I fancy myself a bit of an artist. Then I look at what actual artists do, and blush.

One of my favorite unsung pop artists is an obscure school teacher and graphic artist named Phillip Martin. I've been stalking his web sites for months now, just gazing at his whimsical drawings. So that you, too, might marvel, I present: Free Clip Art by Phillip Martin. It collects in one place artwork related to all sorts of academic disciplines, holidays, the Bible, and occupations -- as well as random ideas such as rainbows, floods, bathtime, seasick, and folding chairs (which I threw in just in case you thought I was working up a water theme, there.)

There are frillions and morillions of artwork collections out on the infonetwebs. Tell me about your favorite by clicking that Comments link.


  1. Glad you like my art so well to write about it.

    unsung pop artist, obscure school teacher and graphic artist ,
    Phillip Martin

  2. Well, now you can no longer call yourself unsung. (grin)