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Monday, July 14, 2008

How I Charge My Life

Some financial planners advise against credit cards. I say, balony. Credit cards are awesome. At least, one credit card is awesome. That's the one I found on Bankrate. It gives me a cut of every dollar I spend. I get 3 percent back for my biggest expenditures -- including my cell phone, utilities and other bills. Hey, why should Visa get all the profit?

Bankrate surveys credit card offers from all the biggies and lets you apply directly from the site for the card that fits your needs. I have two. One for all my domestic spending  -- and that 3 percent cash back -- and the other for overseas travel, so I don't get charged an exchange fee.

Credit cards are safer than cash, allow me to rent a car, track all my spending, and help me stick to a budget. Since I pay off the full balance every month, why wouldn't I use them?

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