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Monday, June 9, 2008

How I Dog My Kids

SkypeSome people collect stamps. I collect children. Seven of 'em, spread hither and thither across the globe. How do I know where they are? I Skype 'em, of course.

We videoconference non-stop, for free, via our microphone- and camera-equipped computers. Because we Skype, the kid two states away in the boondocks of Idaho, or the one living two oceans away in the middle of a Chinese earthquake, seems just as close as the child two bedrooms down the hall, or the kid at college two miles down the road.

Now one son is arguing that we should switch to Yahoo Instant Messenger, since that's the system they use in his office. What's your opinion? Convince me to make the switch by clicking that comments link.

1 comment:

  1. I love both Skype and Instant Messanger :) I used Skype all the time to talk to my parents when they lived in South Africa. Instant messanger is nice though because you can just quickly type some messages even if you don't want to use your web cam. I use this all the time to check in on my siblings. I can talk to my brother at work on this easily. I love to turn on the web cam to show recent purchases, etc to my sister. It makes it so fun.

    So I guess if you are going to have long conversations then Skype is better. But if you just need to send a short message or ask a quick question, then Instant Messager is a good option.