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Saturday, June 21, 2008

How an Aphorism a Day Keeps the..

Mixed MetaphorSo I was sitting in my seat one Shabbat listening to the sermon, when the speaker began describing a sudden flash of inspiration he'd experienced. "This idea struck me like a lightbulb," he said with great solemnity.

Ouch! (But high-props for having the chutzpah to hold forth! It's more than I can normally manage myself.)

If you don't relish the though of someone stifling a smirk when you speak, consider carefully this contribution from Calvin College: Mixed delight and amaze you. My favorites: "It's not rocket surgery." "The monkey is in your court." And best of all: "Marching to the beat of a dead horse."

Have any amusing mangled maxims to communicate? Convey 'em by clicking that Comments link. Let us laugh along!

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  1. When my brother came home from his overseas mission he could barely speak english anymore. One day he said "That's the best thing since sliced milk." We now use that phrase as a family joke.