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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

How I Get Critical

Rotten TomatoesSo, so tired of wasting twenty, thirty bucks -- and a couple of hours of my life -- on bad, unfunny, poorly made movies. Any more, I don't see a movie unless Rotten Tomatoes says it's worth my time.

Rotton Tomatoes surveys not just one or two critics; it surveys every critic under the sun, including my absolute favorite, Eric Snider. And it assembles all those critics' ratings into a single score that's far more reliable than any one person's opinion.

Tell me how you decide what movies are worth seeing. Click the Comments link below.


  1. Wow, LM. You're showing me tons of sites I need to take a look at. I'm so used to just reading the local paper and some of the LDS blogs. I can see I need to branch out.

    RottenTomatoes is one of my regulars, though. Watching for movies where there's a positive consensus among reviewers has seldom steered me wrong.

  2. [I recommend]. This website gives ratings on movies, TV shows, games, music, web sites and books. Their ratings are highly detailed as they are broken into different categories that each receive their own rating and contain a short, but thorough description of why that category received that rating. The categories are as follows: Sex, Language, Violence (including scariness) and Message which includes information on social behavior, commercialism and drugs/alcohol/tobacco use. For games and web sites there is also information on educational value. You can also search for things by age group. It's a very cool web site.