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Thursday, May 8, 2008

How I Fight Glurge

SnopesYou have one too: The neighbor who's always emailing you dopey urban legends about hypodermics in gas tanks and Microsoft's magical ability to track email forwards and reward them with donations to charities. I stopped arguing; now I just respond with a link from Snopes. Snopes is in the business of telling the truth about stupid stories. It's usually right.

Tell me about other sources for combatting annoying email forwards. I'll reward you with a 25-cent credit to your Visa card. Really, I will. And if you don't tell 12 people about this post, you'll have terrible luck for the next 30 minutes.


  1. Hey good site. hope you keep it up. is almost as good

  2. Snopes usually nails it but I've also found that when I cite Snopes to those who send these silly things, they actually get offended. They WANT to believe these stories that support their cherished beliefs. It seems that attacking the story is tantamount to attacking the belief.

    The good news is that I don't get any more of these silly stories. The bad news is that I often don't get any more email from the sender at all.